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A-book and Dialog Box Assistant support international languages. So if English is not your native language you can download and install a language file.

How To Install a Language File

  1. Click the language file you need and download it to the folder where you installed A-book / Dialog Box Assistant (you can use another folder if you like).
  2. For A-book:
    • Run the program and open Tools menu.
    • Click Language.
    For Dialog Box Assistant:
    • Run the program, open tray menu, click "Options" and switch to "Main Options" tab.
    • Click Language button.
  3. Click Yes to specify the language file location.
  4. Restart A-book / Dialog Box Assistant.

Attention A-book users!
After you change the language of A-book user interface you need to apply the new language to the address formats fields:
- Open A-book Tools menu;
- Click on Address formats;
- Click Restore built-in.

Free license for translators

You can help us to implement the support of your native language and get a free license!
  1. Download the Base language file (base.lang) file.
  2. Save it to the folder where you installed A-book / Dialog Box Assistant.
  3. Rename the file to your_language.lang.
  4. Open it using the text editor like Windows notepad.
  5. Read the instructions in the 'comments' section of the file.
  6. Make necessary translations.
  7. Mail the file to us in order to get a free registration.

If your have any questions regarding translation, please contact us.