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June 08, 2004

Xeletrix Releases new version of A-book.

A-book is a handy digital address book. This software features many great options that make A-book an essential tool for business and personal life. Like envelope and label printing feature that lets you instantly create and print envelopes addressed to a person you select from your A-book entries. Or built-in dialer that lets you dial any selected phone number right from this application. A-book even lets you place your data on the local network or Internet: 'Save for Web' option is easy and flexible.

Every program starts with an interface, and you will definitely like ours. It is simple, attractive and convenient. You can arrange your address books in tree-like format and display data using contact list and contact info views. A-book's search feature lets you quickly find any necessary information - address, phone number, notes, etc. You can add and remove columns in the contact list to instantly create address lists and phone lists.

Other important features of A-book are built-in backup and restore options. After all, you don't want to lose hundreds of addresses, e-mails or phone numbers you collected over the years. Multi-user access over the network makes A-book perfect for office use.

A-book is fully customizable, supports user-defined categories and provides great extra options, such as clock with time-zones, report and memo card printing, speed-dial and call-logging options, support for foreign language alphabets, e-mail client and web browser integration.

Moreover, you don't need to retype your contacts - use A-book import options! A-book supports various formats of text files and vCards. This means, you can easily move your contacts from Lotus, Eudora or Outlook.

Version 3.1 offers many new features, including:

Price and availability

A-book is available for $29.95 USD from the Xeletrix website. For more information, please visit

About Xeletrix:

Xeletrix is a leading developer of award winning productivity software for home and office computer users. The company's products include A-Converter, an utility, that can handle unit conversions in number of categories, and Dialog Box Assistant, a Windows Open and Save dialog boxes extension utility, which greatly speeds up access to your favorite and recently used folders and files.