A-book - Label Printing
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With A-book you can print personalized name & address labels in a few clicks.
Choose from more then 100 built-in label formats.
Create your own labels, from scratch or based on one of the available formats.

Here you can find a brief instruction on how to setup address label printing:

  1. To start printing labels, open A-book File menu and click Print.
    Print options
    • Select Label print style.
    • Choose the range of contacts you like to print. You can specify the starting position for partially used label sheets (see the screenshot above).
    • Click Page Setup to choose the label format, setup text options, etc.
  2. Label options dialog.
    Label options
    • Select label format.
      In the Labels list pick the format you want to use. Label format information is displayed below the list, and you can check if you select the right format. If you can't find appropriate format, use New button to create your own label format.
    • Select address format to use while printing. Click Address format button to choose. Instead, you can use contact's address format, if you set check on the corresponding check box.
    • Click Font button to specify the style, color and size of the font.
    • Specify text alignment.
    • Click Print to save and exit setup or Preview to preview the labels before printing.
  3. Print Preview window.
    Print Preview

    This window shows you what the label sheet looks like after printing.
    You can click Page Setup to return to step 2, and adjust one or more label options.

  4. Click Print to start printing.

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