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Address Book Software with Contact List, Label Printing, and Save for Web option

A-book is a full-featured address book software with dialer.

This software features many great options that make A-book an essential tool for business and personal life. Like envelope and label printing feature that lets you instantly create and print envelopes addressed to a person you select from your A-book entries. Or "Save for Web" option that lets you place your data on the Internet.

A-book supports synchronization with Pocket PC devices. This option is provided by Pocket Syncomatic add-on.

Every program starts with an interface, and you will definitely like ours. It is simple, attractive and convenient. You can arrange your address books in tree-like format and display data using contact list and contact info views. A-book's search feature lets you quickly find any necessary information - address, phone number, notes, etc. You can add and remove columns in the contact list to instantly create address lists and phone lists.

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Other important features of A-book are built-in backup and restore options. After all, you don't want to lose hundreds of addresses, e-mails or phone numbers you collected over the years. Multi-user access makes A-book perfect for office use.

A-book is fully customizable, supports user-defined categories and provides great extra options, such as clock with time-zones, report and memo card printing, speed-dial and call-logging options, support for foreign language alphabets, e-mail client and web browser integration.

Moreover, you don't need to retype your contacts use A-book import options! A-book supports various formats of text files and vCards. This means, you can easily move your contacts from Lotus, Eudora or Outlook.

Is it any wonder that A-book is considered by the experts to be the front-runner among address book software?

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