A-book - Main Features
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User-defined Data Files
You can create several data files for the different needs and store them in the different locations. Backup and restore options also available.

Multi-user Access Over the Network
A-book supports multi-user access to a data file over the network. In this case one user, "owner", opens a data file with read/write (full) access, and others can open this file with read-only access.

Printing Capabilities
A-book lets you preview and then print labels and envelopes of different sizes. There are more than 100 predefined label formats! You can also print phone lists and memo cards with complete contact details.

"Save for Web" Option
A-book makes it easy for you to save your contacts in a group of files ready to be posted on your web site or placed on the network share. Click here to view the online sample.

Special Features
A-book has several unique features including:
- multiple user-defined alphabets. Along with standard characters, each alphabet can contain national and special symbols or even numbers.
- contact list with the multi-lined items.
- each contact can have its own colors and font style.
- status bar clock displaying time and date in user-defined time zones.

Wide Range of Data for Each Contact
Each contact record stores plenty of data such as name fields, phone numbers, emails, addresses, birthdays, job and family information. You can also include a photo or a picture.

Import and Export
A-book supports import and export of data in native and commonly used file formats. You can import information from different types of text files and vCards. Import from Windows Address book also supported.

Work in the Taskbar Status Area
When you start A-book it adds an icon to your taskbar status area (also known as "system tray"). Right-click on the icon will display a context menu with various commands. Double-click on the icon will show the A-book Main Window.

vCards Support
You can save your contacts as vCards and even forward them in email attachments. To export vCards into A-book just use drag-drop operation.

Dialing and Call Logging
If you have a modem, you can dial phone numbers, specified in the contact record. A-book will automatically redial a busy number and put your call into the call log, which is created for every contact. If you make frequent calls to particular phone numbers create a speed dial list of those numbers and quickly make calls using this list.

Run at the System Start
You can configure A-book to automatically start when you turn on your computer.