A-book - Envelope Printing
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A-book lets you print envelopes of different sizes.
Below you can find a step-by-step instruction on how to setup envelope printing:

  1. To start printing envelopes, open A-book File menu and click Print.
    Print options
    • Select Envelope print style.
    • Choose the range of contacts you like to print.
    • Click Page Setup to choose the envelope size, define the position of the destination and return addresses, etc.
  2. Envelope Options dialog.
    Envelope options
    • Enter the return address.
      Next time you print an envelope, the address you specified, automatically appears in the Return address box. If you don't need to print return address, check the Don't print return address box.
    • Format envelope addresses.
      Click Font button near Delivery address or Return address, and specify the style, color and size of the font.
    • Select address format to use while printing.
      Click Addr. format button to choose. Instead, you can use contact's address format if you set check on the corresponding check box.
    • Specify margins for Return address and Delivery address.
      You can use Auto align addresses option to let A-book choose position of addresses.
    • Choose Envelope size.
      If the size, that you need, is not listed, select Custom size, and then enter the dimensions of your envelope.
    • Choose envelope feed method and orientation.
    • Click Print to save and exit setup or Preview to preview the envelope before printing.
  3. Print Preview window.
    Print Preview

    This window shows you what the envelope looks like after printing. The white area represents the area, available for printing (depends on your printer and its settings). Envelope boundaries are shown by the dash lines. If you see the dash lines outside the white area, this means, that the part of the envelope won't be printed correctly.
    You can click Page Setup to return to step 2, and adjust one or more envelope options.

  4. Click Print to start printing.

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