A-book - Benefits
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Enter as Much Data as You Need

Each contact record stores plenty of data such as name fields, phone numbers, emails, addresses, birthdays, job and family information. You can also include a photo or a picture. Free form notes are available as well.   Screenshot...

Import and Export Contacts

A-book supports import and export of data in several commonly used text file formats. You can use this option to transfer your data from other programs. vCards are also supported. To export vCards into A-book use drag-drop operation.
You can import Windows Address book or Outlook contacts using A-book Import Wizard.

Customize Contact List

Choose text and background colors, and font style for each contact. This option helps you to mark the contacts in the list.
You can add/remove columns and change their order. A-book keeps these settings for each book, so you can arrange the columns to reflect the purpose of the book (business related columns in business books, etc.).

Make Phone Calls

If you have a modem, you can make a phone call using the number, specified in the contact record.
A-book automatically redials a busy number and puts your call into the log, which is created for every contact.
You can create a speed dial list of frequently used numbers and quickly make calls using this list.

Print Envelopes

You can use built-in envelope sizes or define your own. Choose text color and font style. Select the feed method, which suits your printer. Adjust margins of the delivery and return address or let A-book auto align both of the addresses.
You don't have to setup printing every time, A-book keeps your settings between print sessions.
You can print several envelopes at a time: just select the contacts in the list, place blank envelopes in your printer, and let A-book do the rest for you.   More details...

Print Labels

With A-book you can print personalized name & address labels. Choose from more then 100 built-in label formats. Create your own labels, from scratch or based on the available formats.
Choose font style, text color and alignment. A-book keeps your settings between print sessions.
You can specify the starting position for partially used label sheets.   More details...

More Printing Options

You can print phone lists and memo cards with complete contact details.

Backup Your Data

A-book backup and restore options protect you against possible data loss.

Access your data over the network

A-book supports multi-user access to a data file over the network. In this case one user, "owner", opens a data file with read/write (full) access, and others can open this file with read-only access.

Create Web-based Address Book

A-book makes it easy for you to save your contacts in a group of files ready to be posted on your web site or placed on the local network. Click here to view the online sample.